Membership Members of ESAU are the owners of the Association and operates through support groups The Association has sub county as the lowest level then the District and National. The sub counties elect seven(7) members to the District Assembly while the District Assembly elects seven members and two substitutes/delegates. Membership to this Organization is open to all persons with epilepsy, their relatives and any community members or professionals that have interest in working with persons with epilepsy.
How to register
A person pays 5000/= (Two thousand shillings only) and receives a membership card issued by the secretariat.
We encourage persons with epilepsy who receive treatment at a particular health unit to meet at least once a month.
Why do people with epilepsy need to be in groups
· To have a united voice when advocating for their rights.
· To contribute towards their medication to reduce the costs of buying on a personal basis and ensure sufficient supply.
· Government listens and respects people who are organized in groups.
· To come out of the shadows and be counted among those whom government has to plan for.
Awareness raising using Forum Theatre
Forum Theatre is an interactive form of theatre that encourages audience interaction and explores different options for dealing with a problem or issue and it is often used by socially excluded and dis-empowered groups. ESAU is using this tool by staging shows to provide accurate information on epilepsy through Sensitizing young professionals and community members on epilepsy in order to enhance a better understanding of epilepsy. Currently ESAU is using this tool in Acholi sub region covering the 4 districts of Amuru, Gulu, Pader and Kitgum.
Focus for the future
-Support all our sub county branches to register as Epilespsy Self Help Associations so that they are able to support and sustain themselves.
-Support District and Sub county branches to develop and submit applications for funding We encourage you to join this association