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Epilepsy attacked me in 1992. Thereafter, I lived a miserable life with constant and continuous seizures. They attacked me during my 1997 UCE and 2000 Grade III Examinations respectively.  My left leg, arm, noise eye could paralyze for some minutes. I started Anti Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) in 2004. I got counseling from ESAU volunteers and seizures reduced. On behalf of people with Epilepsy (PWEs) special thanks goes to Mr. Augustine Mugarura, the Founder and Director of ESAU for that initiative and advocacy. In 2005, I went for a Diploma in Education Primary (DEP) course at NTC Kabale, which I completed in 2008 with a Second Class Upper Diploma in English and Religious Education awarded by Kyambogo University without any seizure.

During Special Needs Education Lectures, disability related aspects were much emphasized since I was one. I started re-calling other disabled members in our society. I recalled the crippled boy Mubangizi James, a former pupil of Kaara Primary School. I consulted my lecturer Mrs. Byarugaba M on how I could rehabilitate James. She referred me to Hon. Rutacengerwa (RIP). I found him at Kigongi FPD in Kabale Municipality. He gave me that wheel chair for James and took concern of my epilepsy. I took the wheel chair home, and then James went back to school in P.6 at Kaara Primary school. There was no road to his home, so we rented a house in Nyanamo T.C. My plan was to lobby for him to secure admission to post primary Rehabilitation institutes. However, he again dropped-out after two terms in P.6 due to unavoidable circumstances.

But the two terms of schooling rehabilitated James to some degree. People understood that he was still alive. He lost his stress. Miraculously he started walking with two sticks as seen in the pictures. He is joyous which attracted the attention of many people to become his friends.

In the photograph, he is with Mr. Besigye Patrick Keehwa Chairman LC5 Kabale District.

In 2009, he walked a one and a half kilometre journey to my home, his first walk which surprised the masses. He walks 2 km to Kaara Church because he is religious as the wheel chair broke down.

Economically, he is a good planner.

The bricks in the background of our photograph (Jan. 2015) are his. He has started building  a house but he needs support.

 He grows some Irish potatoes however little they are. A Good Samaritan gave him a goat.

He has visited his relatives in Kampala several times. What hurts me, he would be operating a Mobile Money shop in Kampala but education denied him that chance.

He calls me his teacher. It also hurts because he was not able to continue with his education.

Among his other challenges James lacks finances for economic empowerment. His plans are stunted. His parents are aged and poor.

As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together, disability made us friends.


1.      Invite well-wishers to empower James economically because he is not intellectually hand capped.

2.      I also invite them to visit him in Kibungo Village-Kaara Parish Muko Sub-county Kabale District 9km on Muko –Kaara-Nshanjare Road adjacent Bwindi Impenetrable National Park off Muko Sub-county Headquarters along Kabale-Kisoro Highway.

3.      Learners should relate some learning aspects to the daily activities for action.


"Disability is not Inability”




BOD Member NUDIPU (National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda)

BOD member ESAU (Epilepsy support Association Uganda)