Epilepsy support association uganda

“I got a motorcycle accident when on official duty. We had gone for a community outreach community work. My head got several injuries and was admitted for 4 months. I t was after my discharge that I was told I had epilepsy” Says Ben. This gentleman did not have epilepsy before until he got the unfortunate accident. He grew up without this disease up to his adulthood. Thus, this means any one can get epilepsy anywhere and at any time. However after joining ESAU Arua branch, he has been on his medication and with continued counseling, and as a health worker, he has gone back to his work. Having epilepsy cannot stop any person from work.”

\r\n My experience is that with adherence to medication, people with epilepsy can still maintain their jobs despite on how they got it” Therefore, this is a hope and an encouragement to PWE if they disclose.Together, we can bring epilepsy out of shadows.