Epilepsy support association uganda

Kabulasoke Branch

Treasurer of Kabulasoke group Mujabi Dauda looking after the cows of the branch



This report consists of best practices on income generating activities for ESAU members of Kabulasoke Sub County; Gomba District. It also includes the objectives, findings, achievements and challenges.


To assess the existing Income Generating Activities


The ESAU monitoring team visited the cattle rearing project run by the ESAU branch members of Kabulasoke and they found that;

All group members have individual income generating activities that consist of arable farming and cattle rearing.

The members are running a group project of cattle rearing in Luganga village. This group received funds in June 2016 from the government under the Special grant program for persons with epilepsy.

The group received UGX 2,000,000 and the executive committee of the branch agreed to use the moneys to buy three cows at a rate of 600,000/= which they did in the same month.

Members agreed that the cows will be taken care of by Mujabi Dauda, the treasure of the branch considering his experience in cattle rearing.

The idea of buying cows was such that the members feed them very well and sell them for a higher amount of money and this money was to be used in buying some goats, distribute to a few members and when the goats deliver then the kids be distributed to the rest of the beneficiaries until every member of the group has got atleast a kid and/or a goat.


  1. There is improved co-operation and co-ordination  among group members
  2. New members are joining the group due to the existence of a successful income generating activity
  3. Group members are now motivated to save more so as to acquire more projects at individual and group basis
  4. Improved relationships between the group and the district local government & DPOs(Disabled People’s Organisations)