Epilepsy support association uganda

Buwunga Branch

Individual Income Generating Activities for ESAU members in Buwunga Sub county, Masaka District.

Members have individual activities and amongst these activities are pig rearing, poultry keeping, goat rearing, coffee and banana growing. They sell the products and get money which helps them to cater for their daily needs.

Individual Income Generating Activities

The branch members of ESAU in Buwunga carry out different individual activities to sustain themselves and their families and amongst these include horticulture, cattle keeping, pig rearing, coffee growing, banana growing and passion fruit growing. They sell their harvests or products and get money which they use to meet their basic needs especially buying anti epileptic drugs.

The ESAU monitoring team visited the passion fruit project run by Mr. Muwonge Andrew, a person living with epilepsy who is also the chairperson of Buwunga Epilepsy Association.

Mr. Muwonge Andrew is operating on his own land which he inherited from his uncle and when the team interviewed him he informed them that he completed his secondary education at Eagles Nest senior secondary school and later secured a sponsorship by a mobile program in church to join Villa Maria St. Possiano Institute where he trained to become a mason. He later saved 650,000/= which he used to start the business of trading in passion fruits at Brovard Hotel in Masaka town. He then realized that he had secured a steady market so he went on to grow them by himself on the land that was given to him by his uncle. In his first season he had a challenge of acquiring good farming equipments but later on he was able to solve the problem.

He assured the team that he has been able to sell at least 5 tins of passion fruits every week at a rate of 30,000/= each thus he is able to earn at least 3,500,000/= at the end of every harvest season.     

He runs this project alongside keeping pigs, growing maize and coffee, banana growing and keeping poultry with the support of his wife.  He sells at least 4 tins of coffee in a year at a rate of 15,000/= each, sells birds between 5,000/= and 30,000/= each, sells each pig at 140,000/= and the maize and banana harvests provide food for domestic consumption.

Mr. Muwonge lives positively with epilepsy and is an active member of ESAU.