Epilepsy support association uganda

Kyanamukaka branch



This is the best practice of a group income generating activity from Kyanamukaka, sub county, Masaka District. The group has a membership that consists of persons living with epilepsy, their parents, relatives, guardians and volunteers. They meet monthly to get their medication and provide psycho-socio support to one another.

Background to the group project:

The branch received Shs 2,000,000 from the Disability grant in 2012 and they all agreed to buy sauce pans and plates to constitute a catering group.

The project’s members are those that are registered with the Kyanamukaka Epilepsy branch. These include parents and guardians of persons with epilepsy, persons with epilepsy themselves, volunteers and others.

The group hires out sauce pans and plates especially to people who host parties like introductions- locally known as “kwanjula”, weddings, burial ceremonies and others.

The members benefit from the projects by borrowing money as a loan which is paid back with an interest of 10%. The interest is then saved as group income and it is as well ploughed back for expanding the project.

Individual Income Generating Activities

Members carry out other individual activities amongst which include pig rearing, poultry keeping, goat rearing, coffee and banana growing. They sell the products and get money which enables them to sustain themselves and their families’ basic needs.


*      Improved incomes for PWEs to access medication and attend to their personal needs

*      Improved group cohesion and coordination

*      Reduction of stigma and discrimination in communities from the group members.