Epilepsy support association uganda

Mission / Vision / Core Values


A Ugandan society in which epilepsy is understood and PWE are treated with dignity they so they can exercise their full potential and participate in all development.


To become the leading organization that empowers people with epilepsy to participate in developmental processes through advocacy, networking, research and documentation.

Core values:

  • Self help
  • Empathy
  • Positive living for PWE
  • Equity
  • Honesty
  • Human dignity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Service above help

ESAU's working principles are: Participation, Empowerment, Networking, Non-discrimination and Gender equity.

ESAU's General Objectives:

  • To create a platform for persons with epilepsy to meet regularly and share voice their needs as a united force with a common goal.
  • To educate the public especially parents and the community at large about epilepsy so as to reduce the social stigma
  • To encourage the formation of support groups through which persons with epilepsy and their relatives can get psycho social support and counseling
  • To encourage persons with epilepsy to engage in income generating activities so as enable them live economically independent lives and access regular medication
  • To work together with other partners and NGOs to influence policy makers, so as to achieve a better understanding of epilepsy.
  • To empower persons with epilepsy to fully participate in all community aspects.

ESAU Specific objectives:

  • To create awareness among people with epilepsy, their relatives, health workers, opinion leaders and the community.
  • To build networks and alliances through which it can advocate for the rights of PWE.
  • To empower ESAU structures engage decision makers ate the district and sub-county levels for effective service delivery.
  • To build an association in which people with epilepsy, their relatives and guardians are empowered and participate in advocacy, networking research and lobbying for their rights in achieving of dignity and equal service delivery.