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Ministry of Health banned all Traditional Birth attendants (TBAs) in 2012, from delivering mothers. Despite their disbandment from service TBA’s still offer antenatal services and delivering mothers in the villages. Some mothers and babies have died due to complications beyond the control of these TBAs, and thus community outcry to all relevant stake holders to take action.

With their continued operations and loss of lives in their hands, Sheema District Local Government together with maternal health project implementing partners (Epilepsy Support Association Uganda, Reproductive Health Uganda and Uganda National Health Consumers Organisation) organised a meeting that brought together representatives of traditional birth attendants in Shuuku, Kitagata and Kigarama to discuss their operations and government’s stand on them.

The meeting was held on Friday 21st June 2013 at Kabwohe health centre IV.
In attendance was UNCHO Executive Director, Programme Officers from Kitagata & Shuuku, All focal persons from the three Subcounties, District Health Team-Sheema District, 18 traditional birth attendants and political leadership from Shuuku, Kitagata and Kigarama Subcounties, District councilor in charge Health-Sheema District.

A presentation was made by the Assistant District Health Inspector, Sheema   on a study of 2 Traditional Birth Attendants in Kitagata & Masheruka.  The dangers of their operations were brought out as a learning point for the TBA's. Discussions were held and the following were      agreed upon.

Way forward
•    All TBA's to handover all the equipments provided to them by Ministry of health to their respective Subcounties. 
•    All TBA's present in the meeting, to pass on information to TBA's in their respective villages about the stoppage of their operation.
•    TBA's present in the meeting agreed to stop their operations as they were a hazard to their lives & the lives of the mothers they attend to.
•    District Health Team to budget for Subcouty meetings with all TBA's in the next quarter.
•    Office of the RDC and DISO to get updates on the outcomes of the meeting so as to operationalise and affect them.
•    Communities to report to their respective Sub county leadership in case TBA's are still operational.
•    The DHO to communicate in writing to the Sub county leadership when handover of TBA’s equipment should take place.

The District health Team-Sheema, in conjunction with Subcouty leadership in the Subcounties of Shuuku, Kitagata and Kigarama will co-ordinate the implementation of the agreed upon resolutions.