Epilepsy support association uganda


In 1983, I fell sick, 3 days after I had completed my PLE examinations. This was a very strange illness to the family and I was bedridden for two months.  I later recovered without medical treatment except on traditional medicine.

Three years later, I started experiencing sight problems with pain in my eyes and could not read well. I was taken to the hospital for medical checkup and they found no problem with my eyes.  This problem continued for a long time

My first attack happened at school in senior 5, I became unconscious for some time, and later recovered but with bruises.  Students were looking at me with shock, this became a common phenomenon.

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I got a motorcycle accident while on official duty. We had gone for a community outreach in community work. My head got several injuries and was admitted for 4 months.  It was after my discharge that I was told I had epilepsy” says Ben.  This gentleman did not have epilepsy before until he got the unfortunate accident.  He grew up without this disease up to his adulthood. Thus, this means any one can get epilepsy anywhere and at any time. However after joining ESAU Arua branch, he has been on his medication and with continued counseling, and as a health worker, he has gone back to his work. Having epilepsy cannot stop any person from work.”

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Epilepsy attacked me in 1992. Thereafter, I lived a miserable life with constant and continuous seizures. They attacked me during my 1997 UCE and 2000 Grade III Examinations respectively.  My left leg, arm, nose, eye could paralyze for some minutes.  I started Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) in 2004. I got counseling from ESAU volunteers and seizures reduced. On behalf of People with Epilepsy (PWEs) special thanks goes to Mr. Augustine Mugarura, the Founder and Director of ESAU for that initiative and advocacy. In 2005, I went for a Diploma in Education Primary (DEP) course at NTC Kabale, which I completed in 2008 with a Second Class Upper Diploma in English and Religious Education awarded by Kyambogo University without any seizure.

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